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Cockroach, You’re So Vain

Cockroach, You’re So Vain

Researchers at North Carolina State University (NCSU) think they have finally found the cockroach’s Achilles heel, and it’s probably not what you’d expect:  Vanity.  Cockroaches spend the majority of their time grooming themselves.  NCSU researchers think this propensity for self-cleaning could be a key to defeating the insect.

According to Coby Schal, an NCSU entomologist and co-author of the paper announcing their findings, said that cockroachers incessantly clean themselves, particularly their antennae.  The habit result in keen senses, but Schal believes it could be a way to deliver insecticides.  In addition, the researchers found that when you prevent an insect from grooming, its olfactory ability is also impaired.

For more on the NCSU findings on the cockroach study, please visit the Standard-Examiner.

Cockroaches pose a serious health concern to humans.  Proteins found in their feces, saliva and body parts cause allergic reactions and/or asthma symptoms.  They carry 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, plus six parasitic worms and other types of human pathogens.  For more on the health concerns related to cockroaches, please vist Pestworld.

It’s important to address cockroaches as soon as you notice their presence.   To learn more about Pest Defense Solutions’ cockroach control services, please click here, or fill out a contact request form.