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Delta Airlines Settles with Passenger over Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Delta airlines has settled with a women who was bitten by a brown recluse spider during her flight to South Africa.  The bite resulted in a “crusty, oozing mass of dead skin” forming on the woman’s thigh after landing.  She underwent three surgeries to stop the venom from spreading, and has also scheduled a fourth surgery.

Brandi deLaO settled for $80,000, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.   For the detailed story, please visit Business Insider.

We often receive reports from customers that they have seen brown recluse spiders on their properties here in New Mexico.  While the spider is venomous and can result in serious health concerns, and the brown recluse spiders is found in New Mexico, most people mistake them for other, more benign spiders.  The most common venomous spiders in New Mexico are black widows and wolf spiders.

Black Widow Spider PhotoBlack widows spiders are black with a red “hourglass” shape on their backs.  They are ¾ to 3/8 inches in length.  Black widows spin webs near ground level, in protected areas such as in boxes or woodpiles, under eaves or other areas where they will not be disturbed.  A bite from a black widow causes severe pain, and children and the elderly are at the greatest risk of a serious reaction to a bite.

Wolf Spider ImageWolf Spiders are brown, hairy spiders that range in size from ½ inch to several inches in length.  They are often found in New Mexico along the base of stucco houses where the landscaping meets the house.  TA wolf spider bite can cause pain, redness, swelling of the bite location as well as the lymph glands.  The bite sometimes causes a tear in the skin, and sometimes the skin around the bit will turn black.  While the bite is painful and can last up to ten days, it is not lethal to humans.

It is important to spray for spiders all year round.  Fall, in particular, is the time when the spiders will lay their eggs, so it is a good time to schedule a pest control appointment to prevent increased prevalence of these venomous spiders in your home and yard.

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